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Are you looking to make a bit of extra cash? Do you enjoy working with and supporting youth? Would you want to be able to make your own schedule and work wherever you feel most comfortable?

Affordable tutoring and test prep in English, Math, EQAO, French and more!

Our personalized lessons will help your child build confidence and reduce test anxiety, while learning valuable study tips from trained professionals to get them performing like a TOP SCHOLAR!

What We Specialize In

Top Scholars is a Toronto-based small business, providing quality, customized tutoring that will leave your child feeling knowledgeable and confident.

Experience improved exam and report card results with Top Scholars Tutoring.

Elementary (Grade 1-8)






Science & Social Studies


Essay Writing

Academic Support & HW Help

Secondary (Grade 9-12)


(All Strands)





Social Sciences

(History, Geography, etc.)

Standardized Tests


(Math & English)


(English, Math & Science)


(Grade 6 & 9)


(Grade 10)

English Language Learners


(English Proficiency Test)


(English Proficiency Test)


(Elementary, Secondary & Adult Learners)

How It Works

Individual classes or monthly sessions can be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis where space is available. You provide a time and place that is most convenient, we provide top quality instruction and all the materials you need for a great tutoring experience! Please review our cancellation policy prior to enrolling.

1 on 1 or Small Group Tutoring

Your child benefits from a customized learning experience, tailored to their specific needs.

Comfort and Convenience

Tutoring sessions can be held in the comfort of your home or at your local public library for your comfort and convenience.
All materials are provided for you!

Weekly Updates

Progress reports keep you informed of how your child is doing and how you can continue to work with them at home.

“Ms. Dore has the gift of connecting with her students in such a way that it was impossible to not grasp the content she was teaching due to her dynamic and interactive teaching methods.”

As someone who was not a fan of history, it immediately became my favourite subject when I had Ms. Dore tutor me. Her sense of humor always had me attentive as she always used it to relate it to the course content. Her patience really helped me do my best work, which contributed to my good grade at the end of the semester, bumping up my average (viewed by my university, allowing me to get accepted); and I cannot leave out the evident happiness she radiates when her students learn. She is a one of a kind educator. Thank you Ms. Dore!!

Carlota B., Grade 12