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December 1, 2019.



Top Scholars Tutoring will no longer accept late payments for tutoring sessions. Payment is due no later than 24 hours before your scheduled session. If payment is not received, the session will be terminated.

Please be aware of the following changes to Top Scholars Tutoring’s cancellation policy. Feel free to contact us at info@topscholarstutoring.com should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Cancellation of Lessons By Student

You may cancel your tutoring session with no penalty up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. Lessons not attended by the student without giving 24 hours prior notice to the Tutor shall be charged at the full rate. To cancel an appointment, you may call/text 647-235-9905, or email info@topscholarstutoring.com.


Cancellation of Lessons By Tutor

The Tutor may cancel lessons by giving 24 hours prior notice to the Student, in which case no fees shall be incurred. If a lesson was prepaid, the Tutor shall reschedule the appointment at a time agreeable to both parties, failing which the Student shall be refunded the missed lesson fee.



One of the benefits of tutoring is the added flexibility of booking sessions according to your child’s schedule. We recommend sticking to a regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule; however, should you need to adjust your schedule, you may do so based on the availability of the tutor. We will do our best to accomodate you. Schedule changes must be made 1 weeks in advance.


Late Arrival

Fees are calculated according to the time stipulated in the schedule and no adjustment shall be made for time lost because of late arrival by the Student. Any lost time because of the late arrival of the Tutor shall be compensated for by extending a lesson by mutual agreement and by the amount of time that was lost.


Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather (severe snow, sleet, hail, thunderstorm, etc), we will leave it up to the discretion of the Client/Student and Tutor as to whether or not a lesson will be held. Please note that Clients/Students can use online tutoring via Skype as an alternative option in lieu of cancellation due to inclement weather. Please communicate with your tutor on lesson days when there is bad weather. The Tutor will reschedule the appointment at a time agreeable to both parties should lessons be cancelled due to the weather. In the event of inclement weather, the cancellation penalty does not apply.


Safety Policy

At the discretion of the Client/Student, sessions may take place at a public library or at the home of the Client/Student. Any student who is not in a post secondary institution and/or under the age of 19 years old MUST have a parent present at the home for the FULL duration of tutoring sessions.