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Want to know what our clients think about Top Scholars Tutoring?

“Ms Dore makes learning a fun experience. She has an exceptional way of teaching!

She incorporates games and learning activities into her class sessions. Not only did her activities make me learn a lot more, but it allowed me to interact with my classmates. I was never scared to ask her questions because she is full of patience and would never look down upon a student for not understanding something. She makes sure you understand, even if it takes a lot of explaining. Overall, she is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Carla A., Grade 11

“If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have even been prepared for the SATs.”

Saf, I really really want to thank you. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have even been prepared for the SATs. Thank you so much I’m truly grateful to you for providing me with the knowledge I needed to do well!

Alexis E., Grade 12

“But if you are struggling in English, you should definitely go there!”

I will ALWAYS have a positive memory of the time I spent w Safiya Dore. As an educator, she’s fully and wholly committed to doing the best she can to assure you the student has the best shot of succeeding, in whatever way you the student defines success. Honestly I don’t wanna stay here and write every little thing that hops in my mind (because there is a lot). But if you are struggling in English, you should definitely go there and get yourself educated if you need the help.

Kiral I., NYU Undergraduate

“Jedi is more confident in solving math problems.”

Thank you so much Jennifer for the dedication with which you taught Jedi. With your kind support, Jedi is more confident in solving math problems. We appreciate you. Honestly, we look forward to seeing you again.

Ifeoma U., Newmarket

“You helped me improve my English!”

Ms. Safiya, in these classes I learned about punctuation and grammar. You helped me improve my English and also helped me with my speech and history homework. I’m glad to learn something interesting from you in class. Next I hope to learn something about communicating with people.

Yuejing C., Toronto

“Her teaching is unparalleled.”

Ms. Dore is an extraordinary and innovative educator with one of the strongest passions for ensuring students are as successful as can be. Her teaching is unparalleled. She’s made a great number of students, including myself, heavily look forward to her sessions, which were always informative, yet extremely fun and interactive!

Never have I ever been so encouraged to learn so much, and that I did! I am forever grateful for her tremendously positive attitude and genuine care for us. These trains really do have a remarkable impact on the learning process. Simply put, she excels at educating the leaders of tomorrow, and for that, thank you so much Ms. Dore!

Jon Paul A., University Undergraduate

“I’ve never had an english teacher who was able to make understanding grammar, punctuation, etc. so easy to learn. By using in-depth explanations I was able to get a quick understanding of various topics, which helped me score over 1200 on the SATs.”

Examples and real life connections were also a huge part of our learning process which made the harder topics much easier to understand. I expected to forget almost everything I had learned in our sessions after I had taken my SAT, yet I still refer back to my lessons with Ms. Dore constantly when I’m writing due to how efficient the lessons were. Ms. Dore was able to make me easily understand everything that we went over rather than just memorizing, and I haven’t needed to be retaught any of our lessons since.

Scott P., Grade 11

“Thanks to Safiya, I improved my grammar and sentence structure and learned how to properly plan and write essays.”

Frustratingly, I sat for my IELTS twice, but was not able to get the score (writing task) that was required for my nursing registration (a 7). I decided to take the CELBAN test instead (which is somewhat similar to IELTS, but the material are based on nursing scenarios). A friend recommended me to tutor with Safiya. Although I only had the opportunity to attend less than 10 sessions because of the scheduling of my test, I got the score that I needed on the first attempt! I became more organized and confident because of Safiya’s caring and dedicated attitude. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their English writing, listening, speaking and reading.

Farizah I., Registered Nurse