Our Courses

Our tutors are passionate about mentoring students, and they are experts in delivering curriculum content to students in an easy way.
SAT Prep (Reading, Writing, & Essay)
We offer study tips and extra lessons in grammar, command of evidence, and essay writing to prepare your child for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, used for college admission in the United States.
We have certified TESOL instructors to help you prpare for the International English Language Testing System, an international standardized test that evaluates English language proficiency.
International nurses can feel confident in their English reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities when completing the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses. We create specialized lessons tailored to your learning needs to help you ace the CELBAN exam.
EQAO (Literacy & Math)
Your grade 6 child can perform at or above ministry standards when writing the junior Education Quality and Accountability Office standardized test, with the help of Ontario certified teachers who will offer helpful study tips, problem solving strategies, and topic development.
OSSLT (Literacy Test)
The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is a provincial-wide standardized test that aims to ensure the minimum standard for literacy is met across all subjects. Successful completion of this test (75% or above) is required of all Ontario students in order to graduate. Our Ontario certified teachers have over 5 years of experience teaching grade 10 English and facilitating OSSLT workshops. Top Scholars can help your child learn valuable skills in writing news articles, opinion pieces, and developed written responses.
Essay Writing & Thesis Development
What should my thesis prove? How can I find points to support it? How do I structure my essay? Am I citing this correctly?” If your child is a secondary student asking these questions, they may benefit from receiving thesis support or homework help with one of our qualified Ontario certified secondary English teachers.
Parlez-vous français? Your child can improve their French listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
Math (including grade 9 EQAO math test and Waterloo Math prep)
Our subject matter experts specialized in math throughout high school and post secondary education. They also have years of tutoring experience and can help your child develop problem solving skills, learn how to show their work, feel more confident in math, and complete the grade 6 or grade 9 EQAO math test! SAT and ACT Math is coming soon. As of right now we are able to offer tutoring up to grade 10 math.
Our subject matter experts can help your child improve their scientific inquiry and problem solving skills by helping them develop useful strategies.
Social Science
Your child can see report card improvements in subjects like History, Sociology, World Issues, and more.